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Mark Mineault - January 2016
I have been to many Chiropractors before being lucky enough to find Dr. Pisarek. He is simply the best I have ever been to. He has the most update equipment and his knowledge and bedside manor are unbelievable. His wife Hilda is the office administrator and she is the nicest woman ever and she will work with you to get the appointment and time you need.

Helena Perez-Lafaurie - November 2015
My name is Helena Perez-Lafaurie. I was medically diagnosed with BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) last year... after ten years wondering why I felt dizzy and often had stomach aches.

Searching the internet for a natural and drugless treatment for my condition(s), I found Dr. Pisarek's website, Advanced Healthcare, and scheduled an appointment in April 2015. After a detailed consultation and examination, he ordered special x-rays which confirmed that my neck is leaning 14mm. forward and over 12mm. to the right. These findings complicated my illnesses.

Dr. Pisarek recommended a program of treatment and other things such as me performing a type of special daily BPPV exercises to help stop the ear crystals from coming out from my inner ear canal, one of the causes of this condition. I also required customized foot orthotics to level my body posture and balance, which also helped to reduce my illness symptoms.

I have learned that my overall health situation requires more time to resolve in order to get onto my feet again, and, that I must remain patient and follow Dr. Pisarek's advice... which I have done and continue to do daily with amazing results.

At each treatment visit he evaluates my condition, treats me and provides new health tips and advice to improve my health situation. My illness is incurable, but with the right care that I am now receiving from Dr. Pisarek, I can enjoy a more pain-free and better life. With Dr. Pisarek's knowledge, his care and his positive attitude... I am surely well on my way to improved health with less stress on my body.

I have only been sick once this past year. With Dr. Pisarek's care, I fully recovered in less than two weeks this time. In the past, I used to be sick six to eight weeks in a row.

Thanks to Dr. Pisarek and his wife Hilda for all the care and lovely approach in how they have been dealing with my health and myself.

Sophia Mazurek - October 2015
I have had the great privilege of knowing very good professionals in the health field... four of whom are chiropractors who have helped me in the last decade... I met Dr. P when my husband sustained an injury, resulting in 100 cc of water being removed from his knee at emergency. I found Dr. P. on the internet while searching specifically for Doctors who specialized in laser treatment on the body. I was thrilled to find him near our home, and left a voice mail message at his office - ON A STAT HOLIDAY - pleading for help. I expected my husband to suffer until the next (few?) business days before getting an appointment... though I hoped for the next day... Hilda (Dr. P's Perfect Partner) returned my call right away and said they'd meet us at the office THAT SAME DAY! I reminded her, it was as stat holiday. She said, "Your husband is in pain, Irving can't abide that. We're coming into the office for you. How soon can you get there?"

The multi- faceted, well rounded, assessment was nothing I had seen before! Dr P was like ALL FOUR of the chiropractors I had known rolled into one. So impressed by him was I, I put my other health professionals on hold - whom I loved - to have Dr. P treat my sciatica issues... I had NEVER undergone a more THOROUGH consult with ANY doctor - not even during my annual physicals! That was in May. Today, 3 short months later!! my husband is walking (he needed a cane that first visit) and I feel fantastic with additional stretches in my routine... as for Hilda managing the front desk?? Well, she's like Superwoman by my standards. WHATEVER the problem, Hilda can fix it. I never worry, anymore, with Hilda and Dr. P. as our health professional Dynamic Duo. I know my husband and I are in excellent, caring hands, and with Hilda and Dr.P NO ISSUE is too big or too small for them to handle. These two are like family. Thanks, Dr. P. Thanks, Hilda!

Diana Grant - August 2015
I am a BIG fan of Team Pisarek at Advanced Healthcare, and I look forward to my visits.

I first contacted Advanced Healthcare on a Saturday morning and very shortly after received a call from Hilda, the office manager and Dr. Pisarek's wife. I told her my situation and Dr. Pisarek was willing to take me in after-hours on coming Monday! I thought that was so amazing!

When I came in on Monday, I was greeted both by Hilda and Dr. Pisarek (as soon as he came into the waiting area). As another patient was leaving, she told me I was "in the right hands". This was my first appointment, and I was blown away! Dr. Pisarek educated me about the spine, about possible treatments, and was very knowledgeable about the field, and his passion for holistic chiropractic care shone through. He went through a very thorough and non-invasive assessment. By the end of my first appointment, I was more motivated to have a healthy spine than I had ever been before. Among other things, it was very humbling to see and touch a real spine, and to see real x-ray images of individuals who have issues with their spine.

At the end of my first appointment, Hilda told me not to be surprised if Dr. Pisarek calls me to ask me how I'm doing. He did call me! What was more meaningful to me was that he called on a holiday! Wow. :)

I have been working with Dr. Pisarek for about a month now and have already noticed some significant changes. He has been working from the bottom up, and I have definitely noticed that my the lower part of my spine is much more aligned than when I first came in a month ago. I have also noticed that I feel a whole lot less stiffness and pain in my neck, shoulders, and back, and that pain and stiffness had been chronic--several years, and over ten years' worth of back pain!

Dr. Pisarek gives you a well-rounded service. He gives you some exercises to do at home, provides laser acupuncture and other safe and non-invasive technologies that help your body regain its natural state, adjustments, and physiotherapy. He tells you about the equipment and procedures he uses so that you know exactly what it is you're getting.

Appointments have always started promptly, sometimes a few minutes earlier if you're early. This is just one of the amazing things about Team Pisarek! You can be sure that Dr. Pisarek will see you at your scheduled time.

Advanced Healthcare is well-situated, right across the street from Bessarion Subway, which is great if you are taking the subway. You can also take the Sheppard bus. The office is located in a medical office building, and there is parking available.

Dr. Pisarek is kind, assertive (keeps you accountable!), and devoted to working with you as a team to have as healthy a spine as possible. I have never met a professional healthcare team who obviously cares so much about their patients as Team Pisarek does. I want to start my own holistic practice in the next few years, and Hilda and Dr. Pisarek are prime examples of how to treat your patients and of incredible service. They over real human service. Dr. Pisarek does house calls, and will do emergency appointments on weekends. They have patients who have been with them for decades!

They are "true blue" to their patients, and I will be sticking with them for as long as they are around (I hope that's for many more years!).

At my second appointment, another patient told me that I was at the right place. He was right.

I highly recommend working with Team Pisarek (it's a name I made up!) at Advanced Healthcare, and will be definitely referring others to them. This is the right place if you want to work with a team (rather than have a chiropractor do all the work for you), and I believe that is the optimal approach! :) You are treated with kindness and respect, and both

Hilda and Dr. Pisarek have a good sense of humour, and take the time to get to know their patients on a more personal level.

Thank you for your care and devotion and for keeping me accountable to do my part in developing and maintaining a healthy spine, Dr. Pisarek and Hilda! :)

Jeffrey King - 3 weeks ago
The treatments that Dr. Pisarek gives are great. To understand his patients' problems he not only surveys them about prior injuries and discomforts and does physical examinations, but he also does a static and dynamic surface electromyography (sEMG) scan to visualize areas of tension about the spine. Furthermore he uses his patients x-rays to grasp a greater understanding of their skeletal structures. He combines modern technology with traditional chiropractic treatments to give the best result. I definitely recommend Dr. Pisarek to people seeking chiropractic treatment.

Alex Bruce - 6 months ago
Dr Irving Pisarek was originally recommended to me by my wife whom he treated for severe pain in her hip.

Having been to a number of chiropractors over the years, with little impact, I was somewhat skeptical. I have suffered with chronic lower back pain as well as neck pain due to a degenerative disk.

Dr Pisarek did a very thorough consultation / examination and proceeded to put me on an intense treatment over the course of several weeks. For the most part I have been completely pain free and when an issue comes up, a quick adjustment corrects the problem. I am now on a maintenance program where I see him approx every 5 weeks.

I would highly recommend Dr Pisarek for any chiropractic needs. It's a pleasure visiting the clinic and his lovely wife Hilda who is always very accommodating.

Steven Palter - 7 months ago
I have been going to chiropractors for over twenty years, and have had several really good chiropractors during that time. I discovered Dr Pisarek about two and a half years ago and I am convinced that I have finally found THE Chiropractor. Dr Pisarek stays current on the latest treatments and equipment, and he has learned a gentle and highly effective approach to treating back and neck pain.

He also convinced me that I should update my orthotics, and he is always investigating new suppliers to find even better quality products. Along with the quality of treatments, another important difference is that with Dr Pisarek, you know he is genuine and that when he suggests that you should return for a followup visit within a few days or a week, he is not making the suggestion for his own financial benefit - he is truly concerned that your condition needs the visit in order to obtain the full benefits and pain relief.

Of course, the overall experience is greatly enhanced by Dr Pisarek's Office Administrator who also happens to be his wife. Hilda is terrific with the patients and is always able to find a convenient treatment time - even if it means that Dr Pisarek has to stay into the early evening, come into the office on weekends, or visit you in your own home.

Response from the owner - 7 months ago: Thanks Steve for your kind Google review. I commend you for being a 'great' patient that is most diligent in doing their very best improving their overall health... naturally. Both Hilda and I continually strive to provide all our patients with the very best available health care services we can offer, which also incorporates 'up-to-date' chiropractic techniques, technologies and patient education. We certainly hope to make a difference for you with a 'positive' impact in your health and lifestyle. Again, thank you Steve!

Denise S. - 2 years ago
I started going to Advanced Healthcare last November because of neck and facial pain due to Trigeminal Neuralgia. My pain at the time was really bad and I honestly wasn't sure if this clinic could help. I have been going for treatment about twice week and I am feeling like a different person. Dr. P is very knowledgeable and really listens when you tell him how you are feeling and is always willing to try new things. He takes time and never makes you feel like he is in a hurry to get you out. I really feel that your health really matters and that he is committed to helping in any way  possible. I would strongly recommend him and feel he has so much to offer in both clinical and compassionate care.

Eugene Choi - A year ago
I visited Dr. Pisarek about a month ago to treat my shoulder pain that has been bothering me for awhile. He performed in-depth analysis of my problem and provided great treatment so far. I like his approach to treat the source of the problem rather than just removing the pain for a short term. When I first left an email to Dr. Pisarek, trying to make an appointment on Saturday, I was surprised when he called me back to make sure what is going on with my shoulder.

Then he confirmed the appointment and assured me that he will take care of the issue. I never expected this much of prompt care and I would recommend this place to other people.

Minkoo K. - A year ago
I am visiting Dr. Pisarek for my hip pain. Even though I have been there 4~5 times so far, his treatment is pretty good. He knows what to do for my hip pain, and he also has a lot of electrical devices to take care of the pain. Dr. Pisarek is good!

Brian G. - A year ago
I have been a patient of Dr Pisarek for 20 years. He relieved my severe back pain, eliminated my disabling leg & knee pain, treated my neck and shoulder pain and also improved my foot health. Dr. Pisarek has been the most caring doctor I have had. I am now on a maintenance program that keeps me functioning. I look forward to each visit to his clinic because of the friendly and caring atmosphere. Thank you Dr. Pisarek for giving my life back.

Jy A. - 2 years ago
Walking into Dr. Pisarek’s office has been life changing. With his wealth of knowledge and professionalism, his treatments have provided immediate relief. Dr. Pisarek’s techniques and various methods of treatment have assisted me in managing pain and staying pain free. The Advanced Healthcare Clinic is where patients are always welcomed and their health is proven to be priority.

Glen D.
I've been going to Dr. Pisarek for close to a year now for moderate back/neck pain. My pain wasn't from any specific injury just my line of work sitting at a desk. He has been very professional and helpful. He always shows concern for my well being and gives a full treatment. It's not just a 30 second adjustment and he's done. A session last about half an hour including TENS muscle therapy, laser therapy as required and the adjustment. Often he throws in other techniques. Since going to him my back pain has disappeared and my neck pain has lessened greatly.

Also Hilda on the front desk is wonderful, always providing treats and generally very helpful and welcoming. I've also had some issues getting there because of public transit or work and they have been accommodating and worked around my schedule.

A Google User - 3 years ago
My job is extremely physical in nature and I need to be in good shape and pain free to perform it. Well, I wasn't and it was a problem! My lower back was in agony by the end of every day. So, I turned to Dr. Pisarek for assistance. After a very thorough assessment he made a treatment plan for me consisting of chiropractic and laser therapy. I soon started to improve and after a few months was able to perform my job duties without pain! I'm now on a maintenance plan he made just for me and couldn't be more delighted with the results!

A Google User - 3 years ago
I have been a patient of Dr Pisarek for a few years now. When I first walked into or should I say crawled into his office I was not able to move I was in so much pain. He relieved most of my severe back pain in the first treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Pisarek to anyone, not only to the people with pain but also to anyone that would like to maintain a healthy spine and joint function. I am currently not experiencing any pain but still continue seeing Dr. Pisarek monthly just to keep my body & mind in great health and in the best performance possible. He is a miracle chiropractor!

A Google User - 3 years ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Pisarek for over 10 years. He was able to greatly help me with my lower back problems. He is very professional and innovative person. His clinic always has the latest technology and equipment to improve the care he can provide for his patients. Everybody in the office is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend him.

A Google User - 3 years ago
I've been going to Dr. Pisarek for over 25 years - he was the first to help me with my back problems and after he moved his office I tried few other chiro practitioners, but had to go back to him as it seems that he is the only one who has been continuously helping me.

A Google User - 3 years ago
I’ve received treatments from Dr. Pisarek for over 20 years and never thought about seeing someone else – how about that! I see a Chiropractor because I believe it helps me maintain the level of activity and fitness that is important to me.

At age 49 I still play hockey twice a week, run, and compete in Triathlons; and I expect to still be doing so at age 69 at least! Dr. Pisarek and Chiropractic care are one of the key ingredients to help me make it there.

A Google User - 3 years ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Pisarek's for many years. Over the course of those years, he has demonstrated himself to be a very caring and dedicated practitioner, and very competent in his field. He has always been available when I needed him, even to the point of making a house-call when I was in severe pain. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic treatment. One is always greeted in a warm and friendly manner when entering his office.

A Google User - 3 years ago
My husband received treatment from Dr. Pisarek for several months for his swollen knee. He treated him well and is now out of pain. I recommend Dr. Pisarek to anyone that needs his help. Beside a professional and kind service from him, Hilda is very helpful and give us kinds words that made the atmosphere at the clinic like home.

A Google User - 3 years ago
I suffer from a variety of lower back and spinal problems. Dr. Pisarek's treatment program has helped me immensely, not only to relieve the pain and suffering, but be able to do all my normal activities. I highly recommend Dr. Pisarek to anyone who is in need of chiropractic care.

A Google User - 3 years ago
A great place with the goal of improving not only the physical health, but also overall well-being. Helped me feel a lot better!

A Google User - 3 years ago
I went to Dr Pisarek with pain in my lower back and after several months, I was pain free. For me he was a miracle worker. I would recommend him to anyone with back pain.

A Google User - 3 years ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Pisarek for a couple of months due to severe exercise related head pain. After several weeks of treatment I began to notice a gradual decrease in my symptoms until it got to the stage where they were non-existent. I would recommend Dr. Pisarek to anyone in need of Chiropractic care.

A Google User - 3 years ago
I have received treatments from Dr. Pisarek for approximately 15 years. He treats the root of the problem not just the symptoms. I have recommended several friends to Dr. Pisarek over the years and know they have benefited from his expertise.

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