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Me at 420 and 209
I and my two younger brothers were born in Canada to two wonderful parents... both of whom were denied the necessities of life and living during WWII in Europe; having survived the horrors of the holocaust extermination 'death camps' with each of them losing family members to the perils of war. They were poor and emaciated immigrants with very few belongings, arriving in Canada from Eastern Europe in 1948. After settling in Toronto, they vowed to build a new and better life for themselves, and eventually for their three sons... and, to never starve again nor be poor or unemployed. Food became their focus, and, in our home, it was to become plentiful.

While attending a Chiropractic conference in Florida in 1991, I was walking thru a mall during a lunch break. A young boy walking with his family pointed to me and loudly stated that I looked like John Candy, the now deceased (1994) 'obese' Canadian actor who portrayed 'Uncle Buck' in a 1989 Universal Pictures movie.

It was then that I had an 'epiphany'... I realized that I had to immediately start to seriously manage my health and lifestyle or suffer with other serious medical consequences. As the proverb states "Physician-Heal-Thyself"... with the help from my wife Hilda, I began to take control and accept responsibility for my own health. Ever since then, to the present, I have never looked back. As a reminder of the 'old me', I had pictures taken of myself which I framed for home, at my office, and on this website.

In August 1992, my 'guesstimated' weight was 420-lbs. as my mechanical scale's pointer 'abruptly' stopped at 395-lbs., the scale's limit. What I should have used to weigh myself was a butchers' scale available at a local supermarket. (Top left: picture taken of me in February 1992 while vacationing in Florida. At that time, my pant waist measurement was 58-inches. Top right: picture taken of me on August 16, 1992, when I began my 'weight-loss project'. Bottom left: picture taken of me on August 31, 2014. Bottom right: picture taken of me on February 1, 2015, with both of my legs in one 58-inch waist jean pant leg. My waist measurement then was 34-inches). 

Since that time, with focus, determination, and perseverance I learned more about nutrition, better eating  habits and mindfulness. I joined a gym for body-conditioning thru exercise (cardio, stretching, strengthening, and swimming) with and without a personal trainer. Eventually, I began to overcome several  of my challenging health issues.

Yes, I have lost a 'ton' of weight from 1992 until early 2013 and kept it off. I have tried various popular ‘diet’ programs during those years of which many were unsustainable for the long-run resulting in failure, me being unhappy, feeling hungry, experiencing headaches, and, having a ‘rebound’ size/weight-gain far greater than the weight I started at. 

In October 2013, I was contacted by ChiroThin™ (ChiroNutraceutical) thru an email. They were looking to introduce their 'new' Health Canada approved ‘fat/inches/weight-loss' lifestyle program into my chiropractic practice. Mentally I was not ready to embark on another advertised weight-loss program no matter how 'great' it sounded with a 'guaranteed' weight-loss!

Shortly afterwards, I began to hear positive comments about the ChiroThin™ fat, inches, and weight-loss lifestyle program from colleagues and patients; and I have also read various articles about it. The more I investigated, the more I became interested and eventually decided to give it a 'whirl'. To evaluate the efficacy of ChiroThin™ before introducing this program to my practice-members, community and to fellow chiropractors, I decided to become a patient myself. It was on July 30, 2014, that I asked my wife, Hilda, to consider spearheading my ChiroThin™ journey by first mentoring me... which she gladly agreed to do. With my achieved success I was convinced to confidently introduce this program to my patients and the GTA community.

I realize that I am only human, not perfect and have made many dietary mistakes. With respect to this program, I now try to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk as best as I can. The results speak for themself; undoubtedly, I have now become a 'walking billboard'!

My weight back in the summer of 2014 was 209-lbs., down 211-lbs from my highest body weight in August 1992 of 420-lbs. Presently almost 8-years later, my weight fluctuates between 185-lbs. and 190-lbs. which is not far away from my realistic and attainable goal of about 175-lbs. Overall, I have lost 235-lbs. and  keeping it off... If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

I now feel great, look great and enjoy improved energy and stamina. At my former high-school and at a chiropractic college reunion I had  fun fooling people that did not recognize me from when I was 'grossly' obese. I have become a vital 'testament' for this successful lifestyle program! Through it all over countless years, I have trimmed down considerably and have improved my overall general health, energy, focus and quality of life!

The ChiroThin™ Lifestyle Program is a fat, inches, and weight-loss regimen that anyone can easily do without having to: consume shakes, eat meal-replacement bars, swallow pills, purchase expensive pre-packaged foods, undergo gastric-surgery, exercise excessively, or have to take weekly injections. The program itself is not only about scale weight measurement, as this metric is only used as a starting point benchmark. This program's electronic metrics also measure: BMI, BMR, body fat %, lean muscle mass, visceral fat %, resting blood pressure and heart rate, ketone, and pH levels.

In my practice, ChiroThin™ patients and I meet weekly one-on-one for metric measurements and 'coaching' that includes dietary review, positive motivation, discussion, and solution of any program challenges. Patients also receive 'value-added' recipes and acupuncture point stimulation, if required, for appetite suppression and metabolic enhancement geared towards successful results.

One’s lifestyle and quality of life improves in many ways because of the my mentoring and the ChiroThin™ Program... you begin to feel better about yourself and look trimmer; blood glucose levels, blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels eventually improve with increased stamina and energy. Even those on medication, like myself, find that their prescribed remedies will either be decreased or removed by their physicians or specialists... eventually cleansing one's body of foreign chemicals.

Personally, for myself, I became extremely excited in mid-October 2014 when both my physician and renal-diabetic specialist recommended that I begin to slowly wean myself off insulin... what a double-win for me!!

Updated April 2022.

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